If you are tired of looking at old weathered gray concrete flooring in your warehouse, storage area or garage, then it is time to bring it to life!  Consider either staining your concrete floor surface or applying a decorative epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings and concrete stains can also be used to finish the basement floors.  On this website, we will explain all the advantages as well as disadvantages of both processes. In fact, we will also explain how easy it is for you to “do-it-yourself”. The first, and possibly the hardest step to take is deciding on whether to use concrete stain or epoxy coating.   

Architects and developers across the United States have already discovered the many benefits of concrete.  They know that it is reliable and durable, making it perfect for walls, floors, pools, patios, pillars, and columns.  The only problem that many homeowners agree upon is the concrete’s drab gray color. Concrete coatings add a decorative, protective coating that not only enhances the appearance of the concrete wall, flooring, patio, etc but also improves the strength and durability of the concrete.

The appearance of the concrete surface can be enhanced with the help of acid-etch stains, color mixtures such as epoxy coatings and etchings.  Water-based concrete stains, penetrate deep into the concrete surface and provide color and protection against daily use and pollutant. Today’s concrete stains resist fading and abrasion and are easy to apply.

When you turn your gray, lifeless, stained, and cracked concrete floors into a beautiful stained or epoxy coated floor, you add value to your home.  You also add clean and usable floor space, which increases the square footage of your home. At this point, you may be wondering how staining or epoxy coating your garage or basement floor will increase floor space. The answer is simple; when you enhance the beauty of your floor, you are more apt to use that particular room more.

The first time I saw an epoxy coated concrete floor,  I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was amazing!  It was also the perfect solution, for an inexpensive flooring solution for our basement.  Both epoxy and concrete stains will last and last. You don’t have to worry about water damage, or if the kids or pets have spills or accidents.  However, don’t expect to start and finish either project in one weekend. Also, don’t expect your project to come out correctly if you do not take the time and read the instructions for the product you choose.  If you are not willing to take the time to follow each step carefully, then you should consider hiring a professional company to come and professionally do the job for you. This will cost more, but the stain or epoxy coating will be applied correctly.

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The key to applying any concrete coating or stain is the prep work.  If you are coating or staining a floor that is inside the house, you first must check if you have a water problem.  This means if the concrete is damp. If there are any puddles? If this describes the concrete, then you need to contact a professional to take care of your water seepage problem.  Once the problem has been addressed, you must then permit the concrete dry thoroughly before applying any stain or coating. Be prepared—this can take a very long time.

The next time-consuming step is thoroughly cleaning the concrete.  If you do not remove all the dirt, grease and grime from the floor nothing that you apply to the concrete will stick.  This means all of your hard work will simply wear away. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the concrete, you have to wait at least three days for the floor to dry.  As I said earlier, this won’t be a quick weekend project. However, if you take the time and follow all the steps thoroughly, you’ll end up with a concrete floor that you can be proud to show off to all of your neighbors and friends.

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