The garage is more than the place that a family parks their car; it’s a place where the car gets tinkered around with, kids learn to ride their bikes, cookouts happen, and much more.

So rather than stick with an old, cracked concrete floor for your garage, why not consider an epoxy floor? After all, oil leaks, craft projects that end up on the floor more than they do the canvas, dropped tools… our garage floors take a beating!

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This high-traffic area needs a flooring that is up to the job, and epoxy floors stand head and shoulders above other materials. Here’s why:

Durability: Concrete is definitely strong, but it does have its limits. Over time, changing temperatures, moisture, and daily wear and tear of a well-used garage can leave floors with stains, cracks, chips, and generally lower the aesthetic of your space, not to mention may reduce your home’s resale value. A professionally-installed epoxy floor coating will help protect your garage floors for years to come, as well as add style. This specifically formulated material is composed of polymers, polyurethanes, epoxies, and other additives to create a product that is much stronger than standard concrete flooring.

Increased safety: Unlike concrete floors, which can become slippery when wet, an epoxy garage floor can be installed with include slip-resistant additives for increased safety. 

Chemical resistance: Your high-traffic garage floor withstands a multitude of abuse, including exposure to chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides, and an epoxy coated floor will be able to hold up against those chemicals. 

Low maintenance: After installation is complete, maintenance and upkeep is at an absolute minimum. Your epoxy coating will make your garage floor non-porous, which seals the floors and makes them less vulnerable to moisture, staining, or saturation. Routine care is easy as pie. 

Customization: With epoxy, you can create so many different kinds of looks, swirls, patterns, and textures. We can definitely help you create a floor that fits your home’s style and your family’s needs.

If you have questions about garage floor coatings or would like to schedule a free estimate, contact Rejuvenate Flooring at (877) 826-2525 or today! 

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