Maintaining a clean epoxy floor is easier than you might guess! Epoxy is very resistant to dust and dirt, so keeping your floors clean does not require a ton of effort. 

Mop It Up

For regular cleaning of the floor, nothing hits the spot like a simple dust mop. A casual dusting every week or so will collect stray dirt and dust that may have accumulated. If you think you need it, you can even hose the floor down (we advise that you do this only if your epoxy floor is in your garage or patio, not in the living room). Quarterly, you may wish to do a more thorough scrub, which is ideal in high traffic areas, especially those that house cars or machinery. 

What Cleaning Products to Use? 

Keep it simple by using a hard foam mop with a mixture of ammonia (half cup) and water (one gallon), and either let the floor air dry or wipe it with a towel. This should be sufficient for most of your cleaning needs, but if you’ve got a case of staining, you can use a still nylon brush with your ammonia/water solution to take the stain to task. If your floor has developed some salt film or rust stains, a 1:1 ratio of CLR cleaner with warm water should do the trick. Use a scrub pad on the stain, and then rinse it with cold water. Take care to work quickly so as to preserve the glossy finish on your epoxy floors. 

Products Not to Use

We advise against using citrus cleaners or vinegar as cleaning agents because they can reduce the glossy appearance of your epoxy floors; you may also find that cleaners with soap sometimes leave behind streak marks on your floor and may increase the likelihood that your floor will become slippery when wet. 

Where to Find Cleaning Products

You’ll find many of the products needed to maintain your epoxy floors at your local hardware store, which is super convenient! 


Bear in mind that while your epoxy floors are extremely durable, they are not impervious to damage and accidents. But the great thing is that most stains can easily be removed, with the right knowledge and a little elbow grease.

So stick to basic maintenance and stay away from products that can be harmful to your floor, and your epoxy floor should remain in pristine condition for years to come! If you need professional assistance with your epoxy floor, contact Rejuvenate Flooring at (877) 826-2525

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