Here at Rejuvenate Flooring, we definitely love epoxy floors. After all, our customers get so much bang for their buck, plus the floors last a long time and deliver a serious wow factor to a property.

But we know that some homeowners and business owners are still learning about the myriad benefits of epoxy floor coatings. If you’ve been on the fence about installing epoxy floors at your home or business, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 

The Pros of Epoxy Floors

No one can deny how attractive epoxy floors can be! Get creative with color, metallics, decorative chips, or whatever you choose! You can really go to town on your man cave or showroom; the sky is the limit. 

Even better than style, they actually can help make your life easier. From slip resistance to easy clean up, there’s a reason why businesses such as hospitals, commercial kitchens, auto shops, and airline hangars choose to coat their floors in epoxy: they look good and they deliver safety benefits. But you don’t just have to be a business owner to enjoy epoxy floors. From your patio to your pool area to your garage to your kitchen, epoxy floors can be a homeowner’s dream. 

Epoxy floors can last decades without losing their appeal. They can resist the damage and wear and tear that most floors submit to, and things like stains, sun damage, impact from heavy objects, and chipping are not huge factors, like they are with floors that don’t have epoxy coatings.

Low maintenance
Wipe it and forget it! Spills are easy to soak up, and don’t even require the manpower of chemical cleaners, meaning you can get the clean you want without overworking.

Reap the savings
Sure, installing epoxy floors is a cost you need to budget. But you can happily subtract that cost from the future replacement and repairs that you won’t have to do, giving you literal years of stress-free enjoyment of your floors. 

The Cons of Epoxy Floors

Yes, we install epoxy floors, but we can be honest about some things to consider. The truth is, though, there aren’t many significant drawbacks to epoxy floors. 

The fact that epoxy floors last years means you need to be sure about the design, finish, and colors you want. The epoxy coating bonds to your concrete floors, creating a super strong surface that you’d need to literally grind off if you want to get rid of it. You also need to be sure you’ll want to be at your residence or place of business for the long haul. 

Epoxy floors take a couple of days to adhere and cure. So make sure you work with your professional installer to fit around your schedule and needs, so your installer can create the floors of your dreams. 

At Rejuvenate Flooring, we provide high-quality installations of epoxy flooring in Atlanta, Nashville, and Miami and other areas throughout the United States that are durable and attractive. Contact us today at (877) 826-2525 or to learn more about pricing and the installation process for an epoxy floor coating!

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