Ready to refresh your concrete patio? If you’ve lived in your home for years, your concrete patio floor may have seen its fair share of cracks, stains, chips, caked-in dirt, and maybe even mold. Epoxy coating can help improve the look of your patio while also significantly lowering your maintenance requirements, leaving your family more time to enjoy a clean and attractive outdoor space.

Epoxy coatings are more than just painting or staining concrete; it is a multi-layered process during which the installers first grind the surface smooth, and then apply a primer that bonds with the concrete. After this, a scratch-resistant, non-fading polymer layer brings a brand-new color and appearance to the concrete. The last step is to apply a clear topcoat, which finishes the new look of your epoxy patio floor and ensures that it lasts for decades.

Epoxy concrete floors are suitable for outdoors because they can be customized for the local climate, easily withstanding either heat and humidity during the summer, or extreme cold during winter. Temperature cracks in your outdoor floor spaces will be a thing of the past!

Epoxy coatings are suitable for patios, walkways, pool decks, and other outdoor spaces because they can have a slip-resistant surface, they’re stronger and more durable than concrete, they’re easy to clean, they release no toxic fumes, they resist staining, and can be customized to look exactly how you want!

Properly-installed epoxy patio floors will last a long time without peeling or chipping. If you want your floors to last decades, be sure to work with professionals who won’t just paint an epoxy material over your floors without regard for how well it adheres to the surface; that won’t give you the lasting results you want. Also, not all products with “epoxy” in the name are equal.

Professional epoxy floor installers use specialty tools to ensure that a patio is ready for a coating, and the products professionals use are far superior to anything that can be purchased at retail.

Another great thing about epoxy floors are the variety of styles and colors you can achieve. Do you like a matte texture? How about a sleek metallic look? You can even create a mottled marble style, or go for a non-porous concrete vibe. Your epoxy floors can be customized to reflect your personality, home, and landscaping. 

Did you know Rejuvenate Flooring offers free estimates? It’s true! If you’re ready for a patio floor that’s beautiful and easy to maintain, contact us at (877) 826-2525 or today!

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