We know you’ve got tons of options of companies that can install your epoxy floor. You may even be tempted to do it yourself.

So why should you choose to work with Rejuvenate Flooring? Here are a few reasons:

We know our stuff
Rejuvenate Flooring provides a variety of services related to decorative concrete and epoxy floor coating in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast region of the United States. Our team specializes in the installation of epoxy floors in a variety of styles, such as epoxy flake, metallic and quartz. We can help you transform dull, utilitarian concrete floors into something beautiful.

We know it so well, we teach it
Several times a year, we host a three-day training workshop in order to spread the word about epoxy floor installation. We do this for several reasons. First, it is a really cool, fun trade to learn, and because the work speaks for itself, many hard-workers can build a life for themselves by starting a business in this field. Second, epoxy is so beautiful and durable that more homeowners and commercial business owners can benefit from having long-lasting, safe floors in their spaces. And finally, we are committed to making sure that the RIGHT information is out there. There are many “professionals” out there that do sloppy jobs, and all it does is besmirch our industry as a whole. We are doing our part to elevate the industry, give customers what they want, and improve communities. (Also, we really know our stuff.)

We’ve got 35 years of experience
Building upon the last sentence in the previous point, we’ve been in this business for decades. If you need epoxy floors installed, choose to work with proven professionals who deliver whole-heartedly on their work.

We only use high-quality materials
You’ll never have to deal with cheap-quality materials when you hire Rejuvenate Flooring. We source from wholesalers that take pride in their product, which passes on to you, our customer, in terms of materials that cure well and last for decades to come.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed
We don’t stop until you’re satisfied! Our process includes a lot of communication upfront to ensure that you truly get what you want. We manage expectations (for instance, sometimes the color swirls however it wants to in metallic coatings), and will make adjustments during and after the fact to make sure that you are satisfied.

We are honest
Our prices are honest, and we help you create a floor that will look spectacular in YOUR unique space. From the type of floor (such as concrete overlay, metallic epoxy, stamped concrete, or anything in between), we work hard to design a floor that fits with your spaces and meets your needs.

For those reasons, you should definitely choose Rejuvenate Flooring to install your epoxy floors! We work in Atlanta, Nashville, and Miami and other areas throughout the United States, so contact us today at (877) 826-2525 or info@rejuvenateflooring.com to learn more about pricing and the installation process for an epoxy floor coating!

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